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How does it work?

AllRide is very easy to use. With just two taps on your smartphone, you can request a ride. Everything is under your control.


The drivers are carefully selected and verified from the AllRide staff


You as a passenger will have everything under control. Even rating your ride if satisfied with the service.


AllRide offers connection with different service types, whether they are individuals that travel the same way, individual taxis or companies, all in one place.

AllRide is your choice

Allride offers freedom while selecting your transportation method. It is more comfortable for you and your family



You have your profile that saves your rides, ratings and preferred destinations.


Real Data

You can track in real time the offers and movements of the car and your driver until they pick you up.



Every driver is verified by AllRide, and their rating and experience from other users is constantly monitored

Verified drivers

Drivers are verified and authorized by AllRide. They have the proper authorizations via the driver application. You are safe upon arrival with AllRide drivers

Best price

You can choose from the bids you get, the one that suits you best, by price, car or distance from you.

Female Drivers

A special service is offered to you by female drivers. The passengers who prefer riding with female drivers, can choose this service type.

GPS Tracking

When you pick your driver, you can follow them in real time while they come for you, also when you are en route. You don't have to wait anymore, you will get notified once your driver has arrived.

Fast services

AllRide sends your request to all the nearby drivers, and you can choose one from the bids they send.

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Contact information

AllRide has a dedicated office and staff in Kosovo. You can reach out any time online of through a the phone.

Agim Ramadani, Prishtinë
+386 49 124 124

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